Discover the Spirit World

Welcome to the daunting realm of the unearthly. Discover a world that is far away from yet closely knit to our own. Travel to a place that is parallel to yet quite distinct from our lands. Meet its mystical and powerful inhabitants that instill in our hearts both fear and intrigue at the same time.

This is where you can find the entrance to the enchanting spirit realm. Don’t be afraid, come in and get to know more about the almighty and supremely powerful Lord Shiva, and his son, the most charming of all gods, Lord Ganesha. Brace yourself to be swept away with the magnanimity of their character. Dive deep into the magical and mythical seas of the spirit world that introduce us to the most bizarre creatures and vicious demigods that ever walked the plane.

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The Temple Wars Introduction

In addition to the physical world known by mankind, there exists an even more colorful,gripping and sometimes more dangerous world beyond our senses - the spirit realm.

In the spirit realm, a fully-functioning society can be found; a society full of industry and exploration, warfare and politics. The spirit beings in the spirit realm include gods, angels, demons, human spirits that have crossed-over from the physical world and more. Ages ago, multiple temples were constructed that exist in both realms and act as bridges between the two worlds.


Based on ideas rooted in traditional Indian mythology but expands to include all the mythologies of the world including Japanese, Mayan, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse, and Chinese.

The Bare Lands

The Bare Lands is what Human's call the Earth.

This is the physical world and named after its most unique aspect, which are the bare flesh and bone bodies of its residents.

The Veiled Lands

This is the spirit realm. This term refers to how the spirit realm is veiled from physical senses of the inhabitants of the Bare lands.


In the beginning, the gods inhabited the Veiled lands and peacefully co-existed amongst themselves as siblings. Vying for more power, one of the gods attempted to overthrow the others. The rebellion was unsuccessful, however, and the other gods took pity on their brother and decided to exile him.

They created the Bare lands and banished him there. When they did, Prana Magic from the Veiled lands spilled into the Bare lands and created humans. After many ages, the gods decided to allow their brother to return; however, he had grown fond of his new home and made the decision to stay. Nevertheless, as a way to let him out of his exile, the gods built bridges between both lands in the form of temples, which allowed travel to and from at will. ”

Grips and Sways

Large controlled regions (much like states or small countries) are “Grips”, while smaller territories (much like cities) are “Sways”. Major Sways in the Veiled lands actually correspond to the major cities in the Bare lands.

So, for example, there is a physical Los Angeles; however, there is also a “spiritual Los Angeles”, which is a large sway that is situated in the same place, only the sway is hidden in the Veiled lands. Here is a map of the Veiled lands, you can see how the grips and sways correspond to the earthly cities and states.

Time Differential

Time in the Veiled lands isn’t a one-to-one conversion with time in the Bare lands. Instead, four days in the Veiled lands is the equivalent of a single second in the Bare lands.


The Temple Wars universe is filled with a wildly diverse cast of characters, both from the Veiled lands and the Bare lands.

The new Dvari, are a group of rag-tag misfits who are hastily trained in the way of the Dvari, by Deva’s so they may help over through the serpentine.

In the Veiled Lands, people the world considers worthless actually become great warriors!

Spirit World and Physical World the High  Concept

Most people view the spirit world as something esoteric, fantastical and anything but real. By demonstrating and dramatizing it as not only real, but actually more real than even the physical world by virtue of the fact that the spiritual realm preceded the physical, we've generated a nice high concept.


MACRO STORY - 8 BEATS The Temple Wars stories is a collection of historical events that thematically work together to tell the larger story of not a character, but of the entire Temple Wars Universe TEMPLE WARS      
NANO SERIES - 7 BEATS EACH Due to the vastness in each macro story in the TW Universe, Nano-Series are required for each one of the Macro-Story beats so it may be completely and effectively be told in a single Micro-Story.
The Prana Universe Childhood The Book of Beginings Bhrama the Creator Gatekeepers Ganesha's Temple Open war Spirit Temple and school of prana/magic
Veilied Lands Ayodhya Assembly Hall Vishnu the Preserver - And his 10 Avatars Dvari Buddha's Temple Temples Closed Spirit Age Established
Devas Vs Rakshas Forest Excile Shiva the Destroyer The dark Side The Dvari Hanuman's Temple Prana Treachings Outlawed Spiritual Transcendence
Temples & Dual Existance Monkey Transcedence The Sleeping Warriors Rig Veda Power Stones Indra's Temple Narakan Catalysts Good Unite
The Barelands Beauty The Book of Instructions Yajur Veda Dvari Vs Serpentine Shiva's Temple Barelands & Veiledlands devistation Nirvana
Brother Exciled War The Hermitage Sama Veda Serpentine Control Luxmani's Temple Deva's VS Narakan Epic Final Battle The One Dies
The New World The last Strike The Acent to Heaven Atharva Veda The Age of Evil - Kalyug Kali's Temple Deva's Restablished Temples Reopened Humans Transcend