How will you transcend?

Four personality types associated with transcendance:


Movers: Extremely focused and driven. These are the carnivores, which include wolves, sea lions, wild dogs, lions, tigers, bears, foxes, wildcats, badgers, etc.


Energizer: Type A, charismatic, flashy and playful. These are the birds, which include eagles, roosters, owls, swans, peacocks, vultures, penguins, etc.


Relaters: Loyal, friendly people with “why can’t everyone get along” attitudes. These are the herbivores, which include baboons, elephants, bison, giraffes, rabbits, deer, rhinos, gorillas, hippos, horses, sheep, zebras.


Observers: Detail-oriented, reserved, intellectual. These are the reptiles, which include crocodiles, Komodo dragons, snakes, etc.