Prana Staffs

Life energy, or prana, is the spiritual core of all life. Through prana came the first beings of light and dark, a duality that exists wherever life takes form. The prana of the Veiled Lands had created a great variety of spirits and magical creatures of all kinds who lived peacefully together.

Over a very long time, it is possible for objects to become special carriers of prana energy. They become conduits through which prana flows easily and with great strength. Ganesha turned his objects into vessels for prana, which the wielder can access immediately and without as much effort. Prana is motion, the prime mover of the universe. It forms the core of all beings, animate and inanimate, alive and inert. Rocks as well as trees, animals as well as humans. It is unavoidable, inescapable, in your world or mine. The difference is that here in the Veiled Lands, we have learned the ways of using and directing prana for our own purposes. We have become adept at wielding prana, shaping it, channeling it, using it.

Prana is neither inherently good nor evil. It can be used by anyone, for war or for peace, for defense or for attack. It can be used to protect, to sustain, to destroy, or to give life. It can be used to confine or set free.” With a staff you can focus the prana, They come in a great variety of sizes and materials, but they all share a common purpose. To help the wielder of prana concentrate and direct energy into useful forms.

Learning to use prana requires training and skill. Many have the potential, but few have the drive or patience to learn.