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Temple Wars Universe ( TWU ) is an ever expanding universe with new stories from different mediums like manga, books, games, film and virtual reality.
That said, coming up with original stories is hard. We here at the writing desk try to bring you an original story each year within the TWU, so stay tuned for more!



Discover new Worlds

Delight in visuals that make you want more.

The comic book series follows the Deva Wars timeline in the Temple Wars Universe. It is filled with a collection of historical events that thematically work together to tell the larger story of not a character, but of the entire Deva Act.

The Cinematic experience

Indulge in the big screen.

The films are planned to be Novel adaptations. Both live action and anime presentations in the vein of Studio Ghibli are being considered.



More Temple Wars ?

Temple Wars at your fingertips.

Looking forward to a Temple Wars fighting Game? or RPG? E-mail us what you would like to see!